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Check out these videos to help you live your best possible life! And share a few of them too.

Getting Started: Welcome to Wellcare

New to Medicare? Learn what to expect in the next couple of weeks as a new member.

Get to Know Your Medicare Advantage Member ID Card

Your Member ID Card is the key to getting the healthcare you need. Learn how to print your card at home, update your card information and more.

Making the Most of Online Tools Webinar

Understanding Medicare

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for Winter

How Pets Improve our Overall Health

Exercises Seniors Can Do From Home

Foods Seniors Should Add to their Diet

Ancillary Benefits: Transportation

Some of our Medicare Advantage plans include a Transportation Benefit. There are two types of transportation benefits, medical and non-medical. The number of trips allowed depends on your plan's benefits. Trips are scheduled via our transportation vendor.

Vitamin Deficiencies in Seniors

Critical Health Numbers to Monitor

Brighten Up Your Home With These Houseplants

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